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Friends of Mt. Zion

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the rock church located at Akers, Missouri.

The Church

In Akers, missouri...

… Needs your help.

Does preserving historical buildings speak to you?

Does protecting those precious church buildings speak to you?

Or what about a building that has unique masonry that only still exists in a few places, indigent of our area?

We would love to save this church that is historical, precious, and unique to the Ozarks. If this speaks to you, we would love for you to support our mission.

Mt. Zion Church located at Akers, Missouri

Here's what you can do:

Our mission can be supported in a variety of ways.

We appreciate any and every way you can give!

Photos from Mt. Zion

Snapshots old and new of this historical building.

Our Purpose

Friends of Mt. Zion’s purpose is to preserve the structure of the Mount Zion Church’s cobblestone building and the traditions and culture that made it the center of the Akers Community.

We do this by restoring both the physical building and then hosting activities that the building was originally designed for and how it served for several decades. This will include non-denominational church services, old-fashioned pie suppers as well as play parties, weddings, reunions and other community minded events.